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Saving businesses time and money on their everyday energy needs.

Save time, money and energy.

EnergyPlans.co.uk exists to save businesses time and money on their everyday energy needs. Our simple to use, straight-forward approach to selecting the best product tailored to you, is based on our unrivalled knowledge of the sector. And we’ve spent our energy making switching your company to the right tariff effortless.

And since we deal directly with dedicated energy partners, it allows us to offer products and tariffs to customers’ that are simply unavailable to the public. Saving you time, money and not to mention energy, in terms of you having to understand the complex market yourself.

A concierge service for energy.

Think of us as a concierge service for your business’s energy requirements. With just a few details, we do all the work for you behind the scenes. We quickly whittle down the complex mire of available options for your business, broker further exclusive discounts directly with operators, and allow you to pick from only the most relevant tariffs to suit your company’s needs.

    Receive a quote
    We work with the best agents around who will obtain a quote for you with real time prices. We have strong partnerships with numerous energy providers and can negotiate you a fair and completely transparent deal.

    We’ll do the rest
    We do all the paperwork so you don’t have to, and our Customer Service team will deal with all the queries for you.

    Switch with ease
    We take all the hard work out of it so your switch goes smoothly.

    Our Suppliers

    As an EnergyPlan customer, your needs remain our number one priority. Because of this, we only work with the best products and providers in the market. And this ensures you get up and running quickly and smoothly. Allowing your business to start saving money from day one.

    Why switch with us?

    A powerful solution for energy

    When it comes to the sign-up process, we’ve spent a huge amount time and energy ourselves to create a simple and effective quotation process. It’s quick, easy and stress free. It allows you to review your utility requirements swiftly and secure the best deal tailored to your specific needs.

    Integrated Quoting Tool.

    Our quote tool puts the options at your fingertips: Simply enter a few details about your business and we’ll provide you with a range of compelling products, cost-effective tariffs and market-leading services.

    Hard work made easy

    All applications will be processed by the EnergyPlans team and we will take care of all aspects of switching your energy product. We even completely handle the termination of your existing energy contract. In most cases, the process is invisible and without any interruption of service. For you, it’s business as usual.


    We offer a dedicated customer experience team. And we protect and handle your energy switch every step of the way. What’s more, we also ensure you will continue to receive the best prices when your contracts are up for renewal.

    Our Values

    Knowledge, Professionalism & Transparency.
    We believe that to be a successful company, you need all three of these.
    It breeds reliability, builds reputation, and most importantly, keeps our clients happy.

    Highly recommended…

    Chris helped us with the change of tenancy I needed and secured us a good rate in the ever growing market.
    We were able to save over £900 per year which was invested into the business elsewhere meaning that we were able to progress and explore new ventures within our industry.
    Restaurant Owner

    Laura, who made the initial call was super helpful and polite leading me to agree to a call back from Andrew with a price which is actually cheaper than the contract I have been on for the last 3 years!
    Overall I am very impressed and hope to have a long lasting business relationship with the team.
    Pet Shop Owner

    I was paying high rates on my energy bills, Alex explained to me that this was due to being on out of contract rates. He got me a new contract set in place quickly and efficiently. He also got me a much cheaper rate and secured it for 5 years. I would definitely recommend Energy Plans as not only do I now not have to deal with the hassle of sorting out my contracts for another 5 years, but I also have Alex as my dedicated account manage to help with anything I may need in the future.
    Cleaning Equipment Company

    Need to save on your energy bills?

    We make the real effort to get your company exactly what it needs.